Poetry & Lyric


In the night I saw her face
Her sweet smile my memory could not erase
I raised my glass
Alone again
Lost from the world
With my sorrow again

The liquid poured down my throat as my eyes gleamed
And then appeared the fairy green
To my surprise she spoke to me
Seven wishes she'd grant
To last for eternity

I thought about what I should say
To the absinthe fairy before she went away
The clock ticked one, then, two, then three
Then I spoke with my misery:

One for peace and harmony
Two for happiness
Three to fix the economy
Four to live with less
Five for the fairy's dreams to come true
Six for health and no bitterness
But for the seventh, I confess
I wished for love forever with you

I'm still waiting for my wish to come true
Until then, I'll be forever blue

Daphne Maidstone

copyright 2009

*this was written for Thomas True of Vampires Daughters and will appear in my novel, "The Ghosts of T.Rex"


The universe waits
as I bide my time further
The earth remains patient
she knows I need time

A faraway land
is where my thoughts travel
A distant place
in my mind where there is peace

Dragonshire is where I'll be
when the moon meets the night sky
My dreams take me there
and I smile in my slumber

A perfect world
each evening I live there
A place where dreams are true
if you wish them to be

I visit the Fyretale
for an ale
With friends and kin
in good spirits

The wood calls there as well
to speak to the fairy sprites
In this place
there are no boundaries
and make believe is real

The mermaids swim there
and the dragons are kind
Those gone from the earth day
dwell in Dragonshire
in my mind

The unicorn
and faun
The mystical dreamers
of the sunlight meet me in this place

Kindred spirits
we are
Faraway by day
but together by night

Like minds gather together
from all the realms
Understanding the balance
of good and evil

Drink and eat
be happy not just content
Revel in the company
of those who think as you

A peaceful sleep
a night escaped
I awaken in the morning
to the nightmare of the day

Daphne Maidstone

copyright 2008

*written for Ronald Meso of Vampires Daughters...will appear in my novel, "The Knights of the Super Bus"


Surrounded by non-believers
Laurel is lost
The fairy queen
Understanding gone
Alone in a crowd
Overflowing with words
Left unattended
Thinking like a man
Emotions of a woman
Sleeping patterns gone awry
Loss of some control
Beyond control
Tired and lost
Behind the curtain
Looking for redemption
Looking forward to magical days
Light is ahead
In the Dark Ages
Broken crown
No room for more
More than this
Not what they think
Alone with principles
Solitude in dreams
Night walker
Knight ahead
Electric warrior
Searching for the perfect aura
Writing the path
Aligned planets
Cosmic dancer
It is alright
Love is what you want
Life's a gas...........

Daphne Maidstone 2008

Tainted Grace

rain is reigning on my soul
can you rein me in?

asleep as I pretend enough of pretense
can I keep pretending?

another king is dead
the fallout still to come...

yet, I am not as saddened as before

memories of time
far away from here...

another plane
life is not as plain as I think

too much time
spent motionless

can I survive with less?

grace gone
tears cried no more

mourning in the morning
emotions awry

hell heat
burning within me

feels good
for a change

give me more
less will never do

are you with me on this one?

Copyright 2009

Daphne Maidstone


Under the same stars
we laugh, we weep
Twin souls intertwined
will we ever meet?

Under the same stars
life gets in the way
Time quickly runs out
is there hope for another day?

Under the same stars
I wonder where you are
Lost in a sea of souls
so close and yet so far

Under the same stars
Does it have to be the same?
The monotony of our existence
will make me go insane

Under the same stars
we try to laugh and love
I search for you another day
I look for a sign from above

Under the same stars
we look upon the same moon
Twilight comes another day
our lives are ending too soon

Under the same stars

Daphne Maidstone