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Daphne's Musical Muses: Squeeze, THE all-time favorite since 1982...and still singing every word by heart...without their muse, Daphne Maidstone would not exist...thank you for a lifetime of inspiration & pure joy

Glenn Tilbrook, THE Guitar God with the Voice of an Angel...and pretty cool dude

Christopher Holland, Groovy Cosmic Cool...happy music that makes me smile

Chris Difford, A Man of Many Words...that I sing every day

My Chemical Romance, and they are both chemical & romantic...I love you like I did yesterday

Marc Bolan and T.Rex, Glam Gorgeous & Groovy...Pure Magic!

Your Favorite Enemies, Sweet & Special & Making a Difference

Matthew Sweet, Pure Rock Genius

Panic! At The Disco, lyrics like I've never heard before

The Rembrandts, Weavers of American Love Songs that have made me smile since the 90s

Never Shout Never, from one-man band to full-blown band...Christofer Drew & company continue to impress me with their verse-atility...and they make me very happy, whether they know it or not

Cool Places I Frequent & Even Cooler Friends : Packet of Three...for all things in the Squeeze universe...David Bailey, you're my hero!

Snipturn...the man with the camera, the legend!

Pisces Lady...gifted & beautiful writer of poetry & verse

Alex Day...I love it that he frequently swears in his videos...such a comedian

Charlie McDonnell...issocoollike...the Goddess likes

Harri Kakoulli...Mystically Groovy Vibe

Goddess Approved! Cool sites, places & stuff I deem worthy.

Greenwash Ball. I've been using these since 2010 and they REALLY work! I save hundreds of dollars a year by using these and my clothes are clean.

Lunapads. Yes, they are what you think they are and they are amazing, a healthy choice for your body, and environmentally friendly. They also save you a ton of cash over time.

Unicorn Clothing. No, it's not clothes for your pet unicorn! It's my favorite Renaissance & Medieval boutique for goddess garb. Wanna dress like a goddess? This is the place.

The Ohio Renaissance Festival. Where I play and torment people every weekend in the fall.

PETA2...Because it's just more fun than regular PETA...and I love all creatures great & small.

Forks Over Knives. This movie changed my life.

Chipotle. I'm addicted! Its fresh and delicious and I can eat vegan there.

Panera Bread. Scones! Need I say more?

Starbucks. Not for the coffee, as I don't drink it. There's just something about the mermaid...

Donkey Coffee. One of my favorite local hang-outs. A great place to chill and write...and take a nap on one of their comfy couches.

Movies 10. Fun place in my hometown with $4 movies.

Lake Hope State Park. Because it's beautiful and a place I find peace and inspiration.

Haunted Athens, Ohio. No wonder I write about the supernatural.

Athens County Convention & Visitors Bureau. I was born and raised in the hills of good old Athens County.

Hocking Hills, my neck of the woods.

Loveway Records. Is there really any other way?

Mary Poppins. My favorite witch! My absolute favorite childhood movie.

Notes From The Universe. I receive them every day! Love them!